A Celebration of
Great Opening Lines
in World Literature

Launched: January 1, 2022

This website is dedicated to the memory of John O. Huston (1945-2022)

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An absolutely marvelous—and hugely entertaining—literary omnium-gatherum.

PERSONAL NOTE: When Buckley, one of my favorite writers and a master of the great opening line, submitted this blurb, I was thrilled, but I confess that I had no clue what omnium-gatherum meant. The dictionary defines it this way: “A collection containing a variety of miscellaneous things."

With GreatOpeningLines.com, Dr. Mardy Grothe continues to thrive and rule in the world of words. His latest effort is a brilliant case study of literary first impressions. Take the time to explore this remarkable literary resource. It is akin to visiting a wing in the Literature Hall of Fame, and Dr. Mardy is its caretaker, commissioner, and chief advocate.

An amazing new contribution to the literary world—endlessly fascinating, deeply thought-provoking, and, for the aspiring writer, highly inspirational.

Dr Mardy Grothe's “Great Opening Lines” website is a fascinating and inspiring collection, and wonderfully collated. The opening of any novel is so important, and there are some real gems here. One click and you’ll be hooked.

After my very first visit to GreatOpeningLines.com, my first thought was, "Oh my gosh!" I just spent an hour on the A’s, with far, far more delicious hours to go. I love it! But what about the laundry? And the vacuuming? And the grocery-shopping? Never mind. After all, what is important in life?”

PERSONAL NOTE: A former high school English teacher, Kendall is a longtime subscriber to my weekly e-newsletter. When it comes to aging effectively, she is one of my personal heroes. Margie has also worked as an ESL teacher, radio advertising copy writer, and parent educator in a family literacy program. She is a lifelong chorister, ukulele band member, traveler and hiker (the Inca Trail, and more), sailor, community theater actor, jazzercizer, happy homemaker, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. I’ve never had a communication from her that didn’t warm my heart.

With this marvelous new website, Dr. Mardy Grothe provides further evidence that he may well be the greatest language hunter gatherer of all time! His collections of metaphors, oxymorons, aphorisms, chiasmi, and other wordiful exhibits—including this colossal collection of great literary openers—are the epitome of language and learning dressed up to have fun

GreatOpeningLines.com is a brilliant and fascinating literary site. It will soon become every freelance writer's guilty pleasure. Thank you for sharing it so nicely.

Addictively browseable, and guaranteed to add new titles to your to-read list!

There aren’t enough words to describe the wonders in GreatOpeningLines.com. The entire collection is mesmerizing, from all of the usual suspects to scores of writers I know nothing about, and others I should have read but haven’t—yet. Dr. Mardy’s annotations alone are worth the price of admission. What am I saying? The site is free (and ad-free as well!). This amazing website is a true joy—educational, addictive, kind of mind-blowing, really. Bet you can’t read just one.

Lots of people collect quotations, but no one curates them with as much erudition and care as Dr. Mardy Grothe. Now he turns his attention to great opening lines, and his new website is an idea whose time has finally come. It is also an extraordinary resource for readers and writers alike. His selections and occasional commentary reflect a perfect combination of taste, wisdom, and humor. For writers trying to craft those crucial opening words, GreatOpeningLines.com is just what the doctor ordered.

Mardy Grothe's books and websites are the wonders of the quotation world. Time and time again he has produced resources that are both addictively fascinating and highly educational. GreatOpeningLines.com is another tour de force by the master. Grothe has a genius for selecting the best opening lines and enhancing them with wonderful commentary.


“Best Opening Lines: Another Magnetic Mardy Grothe Project,” by John Busbee for The Culture Buzz (March 25, 2022): Read More >

“This Day in Quotes” website (Jan. 3, 2022): Read More >


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